WEYOU strengthens the E of its CRE and ESG policies.

Weyou Group is happy to announce, after one year of work with the teams of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes to reposition and group the dates of its One to One Meetings Exhibitions, the inauguration of a partnership with the SNCF to charter Bullet Train for its Hosted Buyers to its Meetings in Cannes in order to considerably reduce the carbon footprint of the companies of approximately 136,75kg of CO2e per person.

Romuald Gadrat, President of Weyou Group, explains “we are concerned about facilitating the arrival of our Hosted Buyers by limiting the carbon footprint of their company, i.e.3.25kg of CO2e per person by train against 140kg by plane. It is important for our events in Cannes to offer the possibility to help companies and Hosted Buyers in their CSR and ESG approach.

Moreover, Weyou Group is also a long-standing CSR and ESG practice. Our offices are located in buildings which are HQE since a long time. Our work organization, whether face-to-face or teleworking, allows each of our talents, women or men, to find their balance by developing and fully exploiting their potential, while having the assurance of receiving the same remuneration and the same career prospects for the same position. Our shareholders are long-term and committed financial partners (EMZ Partners), adhering to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

SNCF source on CO2 emissions from TGV lines: *
Air France source on CO2 emissions from flights: *