Testimonials from our participants

Exhibition in a very pleasant setting, conducive to creating a quality relationship with professional and available decision-makers. Team listening to exhibitors, smiling and very reactive for the organization of meetings. Quality follow-up without the need to relaunch. Very well organized evenings in a very friendly setting at the opening and closing of the show.

4G Technology

It's the best show among all those that exist at the national level, in terms of quality, organization and support, and the meetings with the exhibitors (we are expected and it's great). You can also exchange with counterparts from all over the world.


A great time and interesting conference qualities! Otherwise a very nice organization with a short but very well done timing! Congratulations to the whole organisation team.

Armand Thierry

Security & Safety Meetings is a highly qualified exhibition that allows you to get in touch with Top Decision Makers who have real projects.

Axiome Concept

The principle of "speed dating" is really a positive idea as it is necessary to meet the maximum number of interested people in a minimum amount of time. The confidential and professional club aspect persists, in spite of a size which increases clearly... which constitutes a real positive point of differentiation.

Caradonna S.F.C

This event undeniably saves precious time. Indeed, it allows in the space of 2 days to bring together exhibitors related to fire safety and/or security and decision-makers in the field of security. 


It is a relevant trade fair with customers who have qualified projects. The reception and the organisation are up to the expectations on a high level of requirements. 

Sophie Roussel – Responsable salons et administration des ventes - CNPP

Security & Safety meetings is an exhibition with a very interesting concept that allows to have real qualitative meetings with prospects or customers. The number of meetings validated by the chosen formula is not restrictive, because it is possible to make many other meetings on the stand, VIP lunches and during the organized evenings.

Comp’It Distribution

An important and even indispensable event for the world of security. The meeting helps to improve and introduce new technologies and at the same time to forge a link with future employees in a convivial and original working atmosphere to optimise safety prevention.


A flawless organization from start to finish, professional work on logistics, security and the venue, and well done to the people liaising with the guests.


Meetings with suppliers and counterparts who gave very interesting and constructive exchanges throughout the show, which moreover allowed for connections and professional contacts that we cannot develop in such a short time elsewhere. Keep up the good work, your concept is second to none!


Quality appointments with qualified profiles. A well organized event beforehand. A team that is always efficient and available.


A very professional, available and pleasant organization team. The format of the meetings allows to modulate at best. See you soon then and thank you all.

Engie Cofely

It is an event that is very productive for me because I always find solutions and companies for my needs. The exchange of ideas and solutions with my colleagues is also very enriching.

Fondation Sissi

Thank you for this nice email and this very successful show! I will be back with pleasure! I had the chance to animate a conference 3 years ago and I am still volunteering for next year if needed. See you soon

Jean luc LAUTIER, Chef de projet sécurité et chef de mission ventes internationales, Framatome (Filiale EDF)

I remain in admiration of the quality of all that has been done more and more in these complicated times. Congratulations to WeYou who is always very efficient with such nice members ! 


Exhibition organized to the chalk line with a perfect qualification of the appointments.

Groupe BSL Sécurité et Services

The combination of business meetings and a traditional trade fair favours contacts! From year to year the organizing team knows how to listen to its customers and proposes a renewed offer with new clients and new sectors of activity. We will be back next year with great pleasure!

ID3 Technologies

Many thanks to the Weyou team for the organization and its reactivity. Quality meetings follow one another at a sustained pace over the 2 days. Very good show and very good reception.

IDS Sureté

A highlight of the year for any safety manager, and I wouldn't miss a vintage for anything in the world. The quality of the contacts, the strengthening of the network, the discovery of new products, the flawless organization of the event and the sharing of experience are a must.


The organizers really deployed all the necessary means to make us feel secure and reassured. As far as the forums were concerned, everything was perfectly safe, and the mask did not hinder us from expressing ourselves with the exhibitors. I was able to make new professional contacts and I'm even thinking of contacting companies for future projects.


Well done! In spite of the complicated sanitary situation, the lounge is very good! A lot of enriching professional encounters.


It is often customary for people to complain and make recriminations about the organization, conduct and other actions of such meetings. Also, I think it is important to say when things are perfect. Since the beginning things have not been easy and you have all had to adapt, but as a result we have had 3 days with a good rhythm and we have met many people. I probably won't have the pleasure of seeing you and thanking you in real life, but you have my full consideration and thanks. Congratulations to you and your colleagues.

Laurent Victor, Directeur de la Sécurité, Museum national d’histoire naturelle

A competent team, smiling, available, ready to listen and take care of us, in one word GENIAL Nothing to complain about a perfect organization with the opportunity to meet companies that listen to our needs, the Security/Safety & Prevention Meeting is by far a very high quality event in all respects with perfect conditions I would like once again to extend my congratulations to the whole team.

Organisation du traité de l'Atlantique nord (OTAN / NATO)

First time and pleasantly surprised. Professionally rich meetings and network building in a very satisfying and well-organized setting/comfort.


Nothing to write about, the organization was excellent. The show is an event of a formidable efficiency, in 2 days it offers a panorama of the possible thanks to the personalized interviews in a privileged context.


Hats off to you and the entire Weyou team!

Hervé LEROY, Group Security Director, SNPE

Ce salon est efficace grâce à son format : des rencontres ciblées et choisies dans un cadre agréable pour découvrir de nouveaux prospects et se faire connaître. Il fait partie des rares événements que nous renouvelons chaque année depuis trois ans.

SSI Service

Thank you for the professionalism and attention given to us during these two days. The 2019 edition was really of high standing in all areas and especially the welcome, the quality of the exchanges with the speakers and the personalized follow-up.


I wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in SESAPM and to speak at a round table. I was able to implement a partnership with March Networks for our jewelry stores that we are launching in early October. Congratulations on this great event. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Sandrine MARCOT, Présidente Déléguée, Union de la bijouterie horlogerie

The best of trade fairs in terms of its design by facilitating exchanges. 


Thank you for your message and the flawless organization of this exhibition. It remains extremely interesting and enriching insofar as beyond meeting in privileged conditions providers and suppliers of solutions, it allows to exchange with counterparts "security managers" evolving in other sectors than ours, with different or similar problems.

Stéphane Théfo, Directeur de la Sécurité, Université Claude Bernard LYON 1

A remarkably well organized event, conducive to quality exchanges and enriching encounters, in a pleasant environment favoring conviviality and contacts. 

Université Lyon I

This event allowed me to have more complete and authentic exchanges with the exhibitors, to meet some of their counterparts, and to make some nice encounters. Thank you very much to the organizers for this beautiful moment!